Rays Storage Geyser Electric & Gas 35G Twin Heavy Guage


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Italian Electric Thermostat, Solid Body, Gas (Tesla) Thermostat, Rust Free Galvanized Tank, 3 Water Utilization Points.

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Only 2 left in stock

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Best Price of Rays Storage Geyser Electric & Gas 35G Twin Heavy Guage

Rays 35G Electric & Gas Storage Geyser Heavy Gauge

Rays 35G Electric & Gas Storage Geyser Heavy Gauge is the gold standard of innovation and efficiency in water heating systems. With the ease of electric heating and the dependability of gas, this adaptable geyser gives you access to hot water whenever you need it.

Dual-type Storage: This model is a dual-type storage geyser, allowing for smooth switching between electric and gas heating modes. This geyser meets all of your needs, whether you like the efficient heating of gas or the rapid heating of electricity. 

Compact Design: With modern living in mind, this geyser features a tiny and svelte form that perfectly integrates into any environment. 

Premium Build: Years of dependable performance are promised thanks to its high gauge design, which guarantees durability and endurance. The premium sturdy body gives an additional degree of robustness while also enhancing its appearance.

100% Genuine: The Rays 35G Electric & Gas Storage Geyser Heavy Gauge is 100% original, ensuring the quality and authenticity you would expect from top-notch water heating equipment. This geyser is genuine, so put your trust in this. 

Tips to Enhance the Longevity of Gas & Electric Geysers 

Your Rays 35G Electric & Gas Storage Geyser Heavy Gauge?s lifespan and effective operation are guaranteed with appropriate maintenance. Here are some crucial pointers for caring for your geyser:

  1.  Become familiar with the manufacturer?s given user handbook. For your geyser to operate at its best, it offers detailed instructions on installation, use, and maintenance.
  2. Always have a trained professional install the geyser. Safety and effectiveness are ensured by proper installation.
  3. Check the geyser periodically for wear, corrosion, or leaks. Any problems should be resolved right away to avoid future harm.
  4. A safe and energy-saving temperature should be set for the geyser. Generally speaking, a setting of 120?F (49?C) is advised.
  5. The tank?s bottom may gradually fill with silt, which might reduce heating effectiveness. Periodically flush the tank to get rid of accumulated silt. For this procedure, adhere to the manufacturer?s instructions.
  6. Inside the tank, the anode rod aids in preventing corrosion. Every year, inspect it; if it shows substantial corrosion, replace it. To prevent tank damage, an anode rod that has rusted has to be changed right away.
  7. Check to see if the gas connections to your geyser are safe and clear of leaks if it provides a gas heating option. Any petrol scent that seems out of the ordinary has to be checked out right away.
  8. Insulating the geyser?s hot water pipes prevents heat loss, guaranteeing that hot water arrives at the faucets more quickly and uses less energy.
  9. Plan yearly maintenance with a skilled technician. Regular maintenance can locate problems and fix them before they worsen.
  10. Follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer if your geyser is still covered under warranty. Steer clear of practices like unauthorized repairs that might void the guarantee.

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Weight60 kg

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35 G

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Electric & Gas (Dual Option)

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