Corona Electric & Gas Storage Geyser Imported Element 35G


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35 Gallons, Storage Type, Twin Technology,Solid Body, Thermostat to Control Temperature, Useful for Three Water Utilization Points

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Best Price of Corona Electric & Gas Storage Geyser Imported Element 35G

Corona Electric & Gas Storage Geyser Imported Element 35G

When it comes to heating innovation, the Corona Electric & Gas Storage Geyser Imported Element 35G is the pinnacle of comfort and ease in modern living. With its 35-gallon capacity, this versatile appliance combines innovative technology with a sturdy design to completely transform the way we use hot water in our everyday lives. Not only in winter but in summer we use hot water. The supply can be disrupted by the non-availability of the gas and electricity. However, if you have a need for three points of warm water geyser, this water heater is ideal for you. 

The following features are irresistible in this best seller of the season. 

Superb Hybrid Technology: 

Combining the effectiveness of gas and electric heating systems, the Corona 35G?s dual functionality is at its core. This hybrid system allows flexibility in consumption, accommodating different preferences and climatic circumstances, in addition to ensuring a steady and abundant supply of hot water.

Superior Sturdiness and Construction: 

The Corona 35G?s body is made of the toughest materials available, ensuring durability and longevity. Its sturdy construction is reinforced to bear the stresses of regular use while retaining its effectiveness and structural integrity over time. For your house or place of business, this sturdy construction guarantees a dependable and long-lasting investment.

Accurate Temperature Control: 

This geyser?s sophisticated thermostat enables accurate temperature control, providing the luxury of hot water that can be tailored to suit personal tastes. At the push of a button, the Corona 35G guarantees that the water is at the ideal temperature for a warm bath or sanitary dishwashing.

Creative Anti-Freeze Mechanism: 

The Corona 35G?s clever anti-freeze mechanism is one of its best qualities. This geyser, built to withstand harsh weather, protects against below-freezing temperatures, guaranteeing continuous functioning even in the harshest regions. It is the best option for areas with severe winters because of this characteristic.

Designed with Small Families and Offices in Mind:

The Corona 35G balances efficiency and space utilization with a capacity suitable for small households and small business settings. Because of its perfect size, it is the perfect choice for urban homes or offices where space may be an issue without sacrificing functionality.

Efficiency Meets Elegance

The Corona 35G?s elegant form radiates sophistication beyond its technological capability. Its streamlined design and carefully positioned controls blend in with any home decor, adding to the allure of contemporary living areas.

In conclusion, the Corona Electric & Gas Storage Geyser Imported Element 35G is a demonstration of technical innovation, dependability, and user-centric design, not to mention that it?s water heating equipment. This geyser sets a new benchmark for hot water solutions with its hybrid functionality, robust design, and intelligent features. It guarantees comfort, efficiency, and reliable performance for all of your everyday demands.

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Weight60 kg

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35 G

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Electric & Gas (Dual Option)

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