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Solid Body, Rust Free Galvanized Inner Tank, Thermostat to Control Water Temperature, Normal Water Pressure, 2 Water Utilization Points.

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Corona 25 Gallons Gas Storage Geyser 25G is one of our top-line and trusted product favorite among our customers and is one of our most popular items. You can find it at the best price here. It’s known for its great performance and top-notch quality, making it a favorite choice for many. You can easily get this product delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Pakistan when you order from https://ahmedelectronics.pk/, we make sure you get this product quickly at your doorstep anywhere in Pakistan.

Best Price of Corona 25 Gallons Gas Storage Geyser 25G

Corona 25 Gallons Gas Storage Geyser 25G

Corona 25 Gallons Gas Storage Geyser 25G is the top-selling product in the market. Made with a premium quality robust body and rust-free galvanized inner tank, this corona geyser enhances the reliability and customer?s trust. However, as recommended by the experts, this gas geyser is useful and highly functional in commercial settings including masjids, offices, and other public places. Since it works best at normal water pressure and it works well with 2 to 3 water utilization points, it is popularly used in households and successfully provides uninterrupted water to the family. Moreover, not only natural gas but it is an lpg gas geyser that perfectly works with lpg.

Why Choose Corona Geysers

Ahmed Electronics understands that Corona water geyser heaters are famous due to their unique features, reliability, and other several reasons. In winters, the following highlights the importance of geysers. 

Eliminate Germs: For the purpose of eliminating germs and viruses, maintaining the ideal water heating temperature is essential. The water is heated to a degree that kills dangerous bacteria thanks to the exact temperature control provided by corona geysers.

Hygienic Design: The materials and coatings used to construct these geysers prevent the formation of germs and mold. The design prioritizes simple cleaning and disinfection, which lowers the possibility of germs building up inside the equipment.

Rapid Heating: Corona geysers include rapid heating technology that makes it possible for water to heat up quickly to the required degree. This function encourages regular handwashing, an essential preventative strategy against the virus, and is especially helpful when hot water is urgently needed.

Energy Efficiency: Many Corona geysers utilize less energy, which is not only good for the environment but also economical for customers. These geysers are an efficient option for both homes and businesses since they provide a steady supply of hot water while using less power.

Reliable: It?s crucial to make sure there is always hot water available, especially in hospitals, hotels, and homes with fragile residents. Corona geysers are trusted sources of hot water for many uses because of their dependability and longevity.

Well-being: Access to hot water is necessary for preserving personal cleanliness, which is essential for halting the development of infectious disorders like COVID-19. Corona geysers make it easier to regularly wash your hands and sanitize them, improving public health and safety.

Versatility: These geysers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them appropriate for use in a variety of locations, including residences, workplaces, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. Because of their versatility, their sanitary qualities may be used in a variety of contexts.


Geysers are available in a variety of capacities to meet diverse domestic or industrial purposes. 

1L to 3L: Ideal for small homes or individuals who just require hot water for fast chores like hand washing or dishwashing.

6L to 10L: Compact geysers are perfect for solitary users or small families; they may be used sparingly or for handwashing.

15L to 25L: Medium-sized geysers that can supply adequate hot water for bathing and household duties are suited for small to medium-sized families.

30L to 50L: Standard geysers that can accommodate medium-sized to big households and provide enough hot water for bathing and other household purposes.

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